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Industry 4.0 with IO-Link, Bühler Technologies is starting, are you ready?

Bühler Technologies presents new sensor products with the IO-Link communication interface. IO-Link is the first, globally standardized IO technology (IEC 61131-9) to communicate directly with
sensors and actuators at the lower level. The powerful point-to-point communication is based on the familiar 3-wire sensor and actuator connection. IO-Link is thus not a fieldbus, but a further
development of the tried and tested connection technology for sensors and actuators.

An IO-Link master can provide one or more IO-Link ports. IO-Link sensors or actuators communicate bidirectionally on the lowest level to an IO-Link master port.

An IO-Link device is a digitized sensor or actuator which transfers significantly more information to the operator than conventional sensors. This includes process data (measured values, fault
conditions), parameters as well as identification information.

The following advantages result:
Savings in the area of the installation
• Use the existing unshielded 3-wire standard cables
• Interfaces and cables are standardized to a single type
• Modular machine concepts can be implemented excellently automated parameterization
Automated parameterization
• The master automatically parameterizes the device during the exchange due to the coding
Extended diagnosis
• Diagnostics, including remote diagnostics except for the field device level
• Cable break detection
• Device-dependent diagnostics via IO-Link
More feature
• Easy reading of various parameters
• Connectivity to various types of communication from the master interface, e.g. Bus systems,
control, cloud ...
The parameters of the sensors and actuators are device-specific, so there is parameter information
for each device in the form of an IODD (IO device description).

Exhibitor: Bühler Technologies GmbH

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